Justin Amash


Justin Amash was the first, and so far only, Republican in Congress to support impeaching of Donald Trump.

The backlash against him from President Trump and the National Republican Congressional Committee was immediate and severe: Amash was marked for defeat for standing up for the Constitution, defending the Rule of Law, and daring to put our Country Above a person or a political Party.

Amash was stripped of his committees in the Republican-controlled House, and Trump vowed to back a candidate against Amash in a GOP primary. 

Amash wouldn’t back down. He proclaimed his oath meant supporting and defending the Constitution, not a Party or President. So, he declared his independence from the Republican Party.

Coincidentally, Amash represents the same district in Congress once served by Gerald Ford - who also put Country Above Party with his honorable service in the White House following Richard Nixon’s resignation in disgrace.

Now, Justin Amash is the only independent in the U.S. House of Representatives. Republicans are coming after him; So are Democrats (He must be doing something right).

You don’t need to agree with all of his positions or issues to applaud his support for the Constitution and the Rule of Law – and his willingness to put Country Above Party.

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